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Message from Dan Hamilton

UpdatedSaturday March 27, 2021 byBrian Huyler.

Hey Everyone!
I am Dan Hamilton, I coach the Boys varsity basketball team at MMU.
I am sending this out to parents and coaches throughout the district at varying levels in order to provide some guidance and options for our youth players this spring and summer.  Please feel free to spread the word and forward this to any and all who might be interested.  I am very invested in building the youth program and want to encourage our young people to give basketball a try.   The success of the varsity program is really a reflection of all the hard work that our youth parents and coaches put into developing the district's talent.
Although our season ended earlier than we wanted, I was pleased with the effort, improvement, and resilience that the players displayed in this most unique of seasons.  The coaches are optimistic and very much looking forward to what next season will bring including the hopeful return of fans and a packed MMU gym on Friday nights!
If a player is serious about basketball, the spring and summer are the times to make marked improvement.  Every player and team does EXACTLY the same thing from December to March with practices 6 days a week and the same number of games.  It is what an athlete does from March to December that separates them from others and makes the individual and team better.  Practice and improvement during the offseason will determine your success during it.  
With that in mind here are some options that are "normally" offered.  Being still influenced by COVID restrictions and gym use limitations, you may need to be more creative and flexible than usual:
1. Spring and summer AAU.  This is an option that I highly recommend but also comes with a financial component.  MMU coaches are not allowed to coach these teams so parents or other local coaches need to run their squads.  Vermont is moving toward allowing in state tourney's starting in mid-May and we hope teams will also be able to travel out of state without a quarantine upon return.  I am hopeful and would prefer to see our local teams play together and look to "play up" whenever possible but the following are other options if you want to try out for a team.
          A)  Local MMU grade level teams (organized and run by parent volunteers)
          C) VT Elite AAU   (I am less excited about this style of play, but it is another option)
2.  Summer league for High School players.  More info will come out later this spring.
3. Summer Camps and clinics.
          A)  HOOPS 101 Basketball Camp
          B)  ALL Net Basketball Camp
          C)  Listing of Camps in VT
          D)  Rise to the Top (JR. NBA) (players can pay for private lessons as well)
          E)  PGC Basketball    (This is a great option but, much more expensive)
4.  Clinics and Skills sessions (Dates and times TBD)
          MMU varsity coach run summer clinics (JV and Varsity only)
          MMU Alumni run skill sessions and open gyms (All high school players welcome)
          MMYBL skill sessions (hoping this is run by a variety of MMYBL and MMU coaches)
5.  Open Gyms-  This is dependent on the availability of indoor spaces but using outside courts is always an option.  This option will begin for high school players this summer and fall.  I am hopeful that MMYBL programs will offer some summer outside sessions.
For now, I hope this helps a bit.  Obviously, things are not back to normal yet but we want to get and keep kids playing over this spring and summer.  The choices above seem to provide the best options at this time.  I am happy to discuss or answer questions that you might have.
Thanks and go cougars!