Which League is Right For You?

For many players there is some difficulty deciding between playing on the school team or the Mini-Metro team or the Rec league team or some combination.  While this decision ultimately rests with the family, we have provided some issues and questions to consider when making this decision.

School team or Mini Metro?

Each season, many players and their parents struggle with this. While participation on both MMYBL and school teams is allowed by the MMYBL, each player and their parents need to agree on what is appropriate.

Bear in mind that each team will have their own practice and game schedules. When you commit to being on a team, you are making a commitment to the team to participate in all team activities. Therefore, being on more than one team can result in so much time on the court that it could interfere with school commitments and other extracurricular activities. On the other hand, your basketball skills will develop more quickly with added time on the court.

Unfortunately, if you must choose between the school and the MMYBL teams, the timing of tryouts does not work out very well. Both the school tryouts and the Mini Metro tryouts are dictated by their own governing bodies, and the Mini Metro tryouts are quite a bit earlier. So, if you must choose, you must do so early.

Guidelines for choosing:

  • How much homework do you usually have?
  • In what other sports do you participate?
  • In what other non-sports activities do you participate, and how much time do they require (practicing musical instruments, performances, etc.)?
  • How likely are you to make the school team?
  • Can my parents commit their time to drive you to and from practices and games?


Can't decide between Rec League and Mini Metro? Consider the following:

  • Have you participated in organized basketball for at least one season?
  • Do you have the desire to play to a higher level?
  • Can you commit to attending practices on two evenings per week and a game on Sunday throughout the season?
  • Do you have the skills to compete in a truly competitive basketball league, playing with and against the best players in the area?
  • Are you a "team player" who will support your team in any way you can, even if it means that your court time is mostly in practices?

Mini-Metro games are more competitive, with players traveling throughout Chittenden County to play professionally-officiated games against teams from other towns. It is competitive to a point at which all players may not receive equal playing time, and one of the primary goals of the team is to win. Practices are more demanding and it is important to commit to all practices and games. Note: Mini Metro 7/8 teams may reduce practice times to accommodate players who are also on the school teams after the middle school season begins.

If you are not sure, then Rec League is probably for you. Games are still competitive, but the emphasis is on fun and instruction rather than on winning. All players receive equal game time, regardless of skill level or athletic ability.

If you have further questions please contact a Board member.