Recreational League

The Rec League is open to everyone in grades 1 - 8 in local schools, regardless of skill level or prior experience. The goal of this league is to teach the fundamentals of the game. Players are assigned to teams within their grade levels through a skills-evaluation process, with the goal being equally balanced teams.

Teams for grades 3 through 8 usually practice one evening each week and play games against other MMYBL teams on Saturdays. Teams for grades 1 and 2 practice and play their games during a one-hour time period on Saturdays.

While games are competitive, the emphasis is not on winning, but rather on instruction and skills development. Games are officiated by coaches and volunteers and are not called as strictly (e.g., no turnovers for minor ball-handling errors and on most 3-second violations).

All Rec League players receive equal playing time, regardless of skill level.