How to participate

How to Participate in Rec League:

  1. Register online
  2. Attend the players evaluation in October
  3. Teams will be assigned that weekend
  4. You will be contacted by your coach in early November with the time of your first practice
  5. Practices will start in early November and games will start after the 3rd week of practices.
  6. Game schedules will be distributed within the first two weeks of practice


How to Participate in Mini Metro:

  1. Register online for tryouts
  2. Attend tryouts at MMU
  3. Players selected for a team will be contacted by their coach within a week with the time of your first practice
  4. All players not selected for a team will be invited to participate in Rec League
  5. Players will be informed of required equipment and uniforms


Parent Volunteers

MMYBL welcomes and appreciates your involvement. Here are some roles you can fill (with approximate weekly times required for each):

  • Head coach (5-6 hrs.)
  • Assistant coach (2-3 hrs.)
  • Practice Assistant (1-2 hrs.)
  • Rec League game referee (2-4 hrs.)
  • Scoreboard operator (1-2 hrs.)

Helping our Youth League is a great way to get involved in the community. It's fun and it's rewarding. You'll meet new people, you'll learn new skills, and you'll set an example for your kids and their teammates - our future volunteers.

We have many opportunities for this season, including coaching positions (no experience required; we will provide guidance). Please express your interest at Registration, or contact a MMYBL board member.