Frequently Asked Questions

  1. If I'm not sure whether my child will make the Mini-Metro team, but would like to play Rec League if he/she doesn't what should I do?  Sign your child up for MiniMetro tryouts and in the event he/she does not make the team, we will move the registration over to the rec league and assess only the rec league fees.
  2. We have conflicts with certain days/times of the week. Can you tell me if these will conflict with practice times?  Our practice schedule is determined by the gym availability at each of the schools and the coaches' availability.  Since both of these elements tend to change year-to-year, it is impossible for us to set specific practice schedules ahead of time.  We usually finalize schedules in late October/early November, just before the start of the season.  Please make a note in the comments section to indicate the times/days that do not work and we will do our best to work around these conflicts. If for some reason we cannot make it work, we'll be happy to refund your registration fee.
  3. What's the deal with Rec league evaluation sessions?  The purpose of the rec league evaluations is to ensure that coaches can create balanced teams in the 3rd-8th grade divisions.  1st and 2nd grade teams are selected based on residence location only.  These evaluation sessions are zero pressure and are intended to be fun and engaging for the kids.  The evaluation sessions are optional, but we like to have all players try to attend.  Schedules and timing for these sessions can be found on the events page
  4. What are the time and day commitments for my child? 
    • 1st & 2nd grade teams meet once per week on Saturday mornings at Jericho elementary school.  Start times are between 8 and 11am.
    • 3rd - 8th grade teams meet twice each week - one hour for practice during a weekday evening and one hour on Saturday mornings for a game.  All 3-8 practices and games are held at either Browns River Middle School or Camels Hump Middle School.
    • Mini Metro teams meet twice each week - one hour for practice during a weekday evening and a game on Sunday afternoons.  These games require travel to the game locations around Chittenden county.
  5. When does the Rec league start and how long does it last? The Rec league typically begins the second weekend in November and runs through the middle of February.  We usually hold optional Rec league evaluation sessions in October (see #3 above).